Museum Etiquette

Please review these guidelines in order to ensure a positive Museum visit for everyone:

  • Unfortunately, we do not have space available inside the Museum for school or group visit brown bag lunches.
  • Please encourage children to walk, not run, inside the Museum.
  • Ask children to use indoor voices.
  • Encourage children to keep their hands to themselves - to help preserve our collections, please stay an arms-length away from displays.
  • Stay with your small groups at all times.
  • Keep phones on silent.
  • Leave food and drinks outside of the galleries or Campbell House.
  • Large backpacks are not allowed inside the galleries or Campbell House. There are lockers available on the first floor of the main Museum building, just past the Admissions desk.
  • Photography of educational programs is allowed unless otherwise posted.
  • Photography of exhibits is allowed unless otherwise posted.
  • Flash photography is not permitted.

We are looking forward to your visit! See you soon at the MAC.