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Expo 74 Spokane Washington looking northeast v2

It Happened Here: Expo '74 Fifty Years After

May 4, 2024-January 26, 2025

For many in the Inland Northwest, the 1974 World’s Fair remains the single most transformative event in living memory. Radically reshaping Spokane’s natural and built environment, Expo ’74 ushered in a new era for the city - one centered on urban renewal, commercial growth, and political progress. This 50th anniversary exhibition revisits the historical roots of Expo ‘74’s stated environmental purpose and its popular “community spirit” legacy. Incorporating recognizable elements from Expo’s built environment with museum artifacts and archival materials, visitors will engage with the familiar, nostalgic, and perhaps lesser-known stories found within the MAC’s largest archival collection, seeing Expo ‘74 in a new light.

Expo '74 image: NWC 129 – Dormaier, Jacob #164, Spokane Public Library (Jacob Dormaier Expo '74 Collection)