This is ArtFest Online 2020

The MAC’s ArtFest is a three-day celebration of art and fine craft, and an Inland Northwest tradition for the entire family. This year, experience it online on May 29, 30 and 31 as you stay home to stay healthy. Until then, please visit the Artist Gallery and enjoy our music playlists.


Welcome to ArtFest 2020!  This is the MAC’s 35th ArtFest, our festival of art and fine craft and an annual tradition in the Inland Northwest. This year we’re doing things a little differently. Since we were unable to hold the usual outdoor gathering, we’ve moved the event online. You’ll be able to experience many of the same ArtFest activities you’ve come to love - from home.

You can visit and view the original works of 100 juried artists in the Artist Gallery. We hope you’ll support them by making a purchase 100% of the proceeds go directly to the artists.

You can also create ArtFest’s fantastic ambiance of music-to-view-art-by with our Spotify or iTunes playlists and music videos from some of your favorite ArtFest bands.

Learn how some local artists create their unique art in demonstration videos.

Create art with your kids with Make-IT Art projects using supplies you already have at home.

Finally, we’d appreciate your help to support more webinars, story time videos, virtual tours and online events like ArtFest by making a gift to the MAC. A gift of any amount is appreciated. Simply click on the “Donate” button on this page.

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Artist Demonstrations

The Artist’s Sketchbook

Megan Perkins is an artist and teacher living in the Inland Northwest who works primarily in watercolor. She’ll be sketching then working on a watercolor of the gazebo in Coeur d’Alene Park all done within her sketchbook, which she discusses in this video.

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Plateau Basketry Basics

Basketry has been said to be a dying art. However, it still continues in tribal communities today. This authentic and traditional basketry-making demonstration will be led by contemporary American Indian artist and Coeur d’Alene tribal member Leanne Campbell. Leanne is considered a master weaver and works in various mediums including tule, cedar bark, cedar root, and hemp

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Moving On

Kathleen Cavender is a fourth generation professional artist who began selling her paintings at a very early age. The local landscape, as well as her many travels to Europe, are her source of inspiration. She’ll be working on an oil painting of clouds on canvas called Moving On.

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Make-It Art Kids’ Projects

Playdough Art

Using flour, salt, water, and oil, make homemade playdough at your house. The video includes an ingredients list, instructions and a demonstration, along with ideas for creations. There are no-bake and baked versions.

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Hanging Mobile Art

Construct a hanging mobile using materials you can find around your house. We’ll provide a materials list, instructions, and a demonstration on how to put it together.

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Stained Glass Art

Make a stained glass window using cardboard, tin foil, markers, and other materials you can find around your house.  A materials list, instructions, and a demonstration will be included in the video.

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Papier-Mâché Art

Make a papier-mâché sculpture using newspapers, paste, and materials you can find around your house.  We will include a list of supplies, instructions, and photos of ideas and finished sculptures.

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Tile Mosaic Art

Draw a grid and create a picture or shape with cut paper, magazines, or tissue.  We’ll provide an ingredients/materials list, instructions, and a demonstration on how to make the art.

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Window Art

Using string, yarn, paste, and wax paper, draw an image to create an art project that can be hung on your windows to help the birds. This project can be made with materials you find around your house – an ingredients/materials list, instructions, and a demonstration will be included.

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Vanna Oh!—“Chaperone”

Vanna Oh! is a rock-and-roll queen who blends the brazen and infectious movement of the genre with a modern, feminine twist. She mixes the American staples--blues, punk, country, and jazz--to pay homage to the last century of rock-and-roll evolution and uses the electric guitar as a tool of empowerment for a gender left out of much of rock-and-roll history.

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Chris Molter

Chris Molitor is a singer songwriter with powerful and enchanting vocals using melody and rhyme to bring the listener into beautiful moments where hopes and fears collide.

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Super Sparkle—“Kid’s Not Giving Up”

Super Sparkle is a retro influenced super-group pop band from Spokane. Members collaborate to create songs full of hooks, yet thoughtful and intricately put together—almost like the pop music of a bygone era. They’ve become a force in the Spokane music scene creating fun, upbeat songs that can get any audience smiling, dancing and singing along.

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Windoe—“Standing Still”

Windoe is the solo project of longtime northwest musician-songwriter Karli Fairbanks, now Ingersoll. Windoe performs as a four-piece band combining grunge-rock elements, minimalist arrangements and introspective songs that hold tightly to melancholic melodies and ethereal harmonies.

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Funky Unkle—“Stank Face”

Funky Unkle is a high-energy, Spokane-based funk band. A 9-member supergroup composed of talented musicians hailing from some of our city's favorite local acts, Funky Unkle features tight horn lines and danceable grooves that keep people moving throughout their dynamic live performances. Influences include groups such as Lettuce, James Brown, and Polyrhythmics.

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Mountains in the Sea—“Long Way Home”

Mountains in the Sea is husband-and-wife indie pop duo Phil and Angela Lamb that has a fresh sound that meaningfully melds together infectious pop lines, blues influences, and a thoughtful indie-electro undertone, with lyrical focus on themes of hope and empowerment.

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The Featured Artists

Visit Artist Gallery

  • Deana Albers Lloyd
  • Kali Basi
  • Erika Beyer
  • Ian Beyer
  • Cathi Borthwick
  • Philip Boulding
  • Chris Bovey
  • Cheryl Brown
  • Autumn Bunton
  • Clare Carpenter
  • Annie Chrietzberg
  • Gary Coning
  • Robert Curnow
  • Mike DeCesare
  • Tammy Denmark
  • Tim DePuydt
  • Ron Dobrowski
  • Halina Domanski
  • Lee Drake
  • Donna Erickson
  • Sheila Evans
  • Andrea Evarts
  • Ezekiel Fee
  • Tuli Fisher
  • Nicole Flood
  • Morgan Fyfe
  • Kathleen Gale
  • Jonathan Glowacki
  • Sean Goddard
  • Sarah Goodnough
  • Daniel Gubitz
  • Debby Gumke
  • Randy Haa
  • Tiffany Hansen
  • Keith Harrop
  • Ashley Heitzman
  • Alan Higinbotham
  • Leland Hollis
  • Frederick Imhoff
  • Ben Joyce
  • Cheryl Kabala
  • Allison Kallaway-Young
  • Michael Kenney
  • Laura Koppes
  • Evan Kovasi
  • T Kurtz
  • Kay Langland
  • Susie Larsson
  • Steve Lawler
  • Adam Layland
  • Melanie Lieb
  • Linda McClamrock
  • Ryan McCulloch
  • Stan Miller
  • Ryan Mitchell
  • LR Montgomery
  • Sarita Morgan
  • Dianna Mullen
  • Paul Nzalamba
  • Jamison Olson
  • Michael Osburn
  • Janel Pahl
  • David Parry
  • Megan Perkins
  • John Person
  • Hung Pham
  • Larry Phan
  • Annette Poitau
  • Gary Quinn
  • Christopher Rasmussen
  • Shelley Roberts
  • Hong Rubinstein
  • Elisa Saucy
  • Brett Scarola
  • Andy Sewell
  • Pam Sharp
  • Aubrey Sloan
  • Catherine Stemper
  • Sydni Sterling
  • Michael Stipek
  • Alison Sweeney
  • Dorothy Sweet
  • Laura Teague
  • Steve Thomas
  • Melanie Thompson
  • Linda Thorson
  • Linnea Tobias
  • Brett Varney
  • Nicholas Vicknair
  • Damon Vracin
  • Gay Waldman
  • Jessica Wertz
  • Scott Wheeler
  • Pamela Whitlock
  • Jie Zhou
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